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5 Ways This Shower Hack Revolutionized
How I Feel Throughout Out My Day

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1. Start the Day Energized With
Invigorating Citrus Aromas

We all know morning sets the tone of the day, and dragging yourself out of bed for a lazy shower while still half-asleep isn’t the kick-start anyone needs to get revitalized and focused. This will likely leave you in the same state throughout the morning, struggling to concentrate and wishing you were back in bed. With Miracle’s Citrus Shower Steamer, you’ll feel awake and rejuvenated as soon as the zesty scent hits your nostrils and pores. It’s the ideal start to a busy day, and you won’t have to worry about a caffeine crash in the afternoon!

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2. Relax and Unwind After a
Long Day with Calming Lavender

It’s important to be able to kick back and loosen up after a hectic time at work, but it’s hard to find a spa that will do home visits in the evening for a reasonable price. That’s why Miracle offers Lavender Shower Steamers, so you can bring the spa into your home. As the therapeutic mist enshrouds you, you might forget for a moment that you aren’t on a luxury getaway you spent half your savings on. Instead, you’ll be calmed by the soothing scent of lavender, paired with the realization you can repeat the experience every night of the week!

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3. Fight that 2pm Slump with
Clarifying Eucalyptus & Mint

Are you running out of steam in the middle of your day? Don’t worry, we’ve got some more for you. With Miracle’s Eucalyptus and Mint Shower Steamers, you can break through the wall without reaching for another hit from the french press. Get that much-needed boost of energy with all-natural ingredients that won’t leave you crashing after 45 minutes of responding to emails in a caffeine-induced mania. Instead, you’ll exude a calm focus that will leave colleagues in awe of your zen mastery.

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4. Decongest Without
Any Nasty Chemicals

Tired of constantly blowing your nose throughout meetings? Do breathing troubles distract you from your work throughout the day? Did sneezing on your boss cost you that big promotion? While chemical solutions may be tempting, they can often lead to other issues that exacerbate the problem or even lead to addiction. The all-natural ingredients in Miracle Shower Steamers will clear your sinuses without any nasty side effects or dependencies. Now go get that promotion!

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5. Try Miracle Shower Steamers
100% Risk-Free!

Most brands of shower supplies won’t allow you to return their used products on account of their dissolving. Miracle is different: all our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not impressed for any reason, we’ll offer a full refund!
We won’t even ask you to return the steam.

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