These Antibacterial Sheets Changed My Life: They Can Help Reduce Sweating, Odors, maybe even “Bacne”

By Jessica Michelle | March 22, 2024

I woke up after the first night of using these new sheets feeling incredible.

Are you tired of washing your sheets just for them to get smelly and dirty again? You need to keep reading because this product that my sister found has helped me to wake up glowing! It’s time to say goodbye to sweaty sleepless nights!

My name is Jessica Michelle, and let me start off by saying I have always struggled with sweating in my sleep. Waking up to sweat-stained sheets that lingered with BO was normal for me. It always made me self-conscious to have someone sleep over in the same bed as me.

No matter what I tried, I couldn't keep my sheets staying clean for more than a day or so. I hated waking up feeling gross, unrested, and unmotivated to start my day. My self-esteem was suffering and my skin was constantly breaking out. Luckily for me, that all changed a few months back...

It was Christmas 2019 and my family was staying at my sister's house for the holidays. I was dreading staying in one of her guest bedrooms because it's always a sauna in there. But, what happened that week enormously improved my life!

These Sheets Are Self-Cleaning And Cooling

I woke up after the first night of sleeping there feeling incredible. It felt like I took a sleeping pill that had no negative side effects. I don’t even remember falling asleep. I actually think that the second my head hit the pillow, I was out cold! I woke up feeling refreshed, energized, and mentally clear. The best part was that there were no sweat stains or bad odors!(1)

The bed was completely dry, my skin was oil-free, and I really didn’t need to shower. The sheets felt really cool all night like there was a light breeze under the covers.

Prevents up to 99.7% of Bacteria Growth(2)(3)
Temperature Regulating(4)
Luxurious Soft
Supports Glowing Skin(5)
Up to 3x Less Laundry Needed
Helps Reduce Unwanted Odors(6)
Helps You Save Money

What’s The Big Secret?

That very first morning while I was drinking some coffee with my sister I mentioned to her how incredible my sleep was. I asked her what kind of bed she had because that had to be the reason why I slept so well. I was really shocked to find out that her bed wasn’t special, but she had these unique sheets that she bought online from a brand called Miracle Made®.

She sent me a link to Miracle Made®, and what I read was incredible. Their sheets are made with an advanced silver-infused fabric that prevents up to 99.7%(8) of bacteria growth. It wasn’t just the luxuriously soft fabric that helped make my sleep so amazing, it was this and their temperature-regulating properties, too.

I was sleeping on some of the cleanest sheets ever invented. I was sleeping and breathing in pure cleanliness, and my body thanked me for that! Not to mention, I felt like I was staying in a 5-star resort because of the luxurious fabric.

I was immediately thinking about how much better my life would be if I had these sheets at my house. What if my “bacne” would clear up along with the rest of my skin?(9) What if I could do up to 3x less laundry? What if I could finally wake up every morning feeling young, beautiful, and refreshed?

The more that I read about Miracle Made®, the more I started to obsess over them!

Miracle Made® Sheets


Traditional Sheets


People Are Raving About These Sheets...

See what all the hype is about:

"Love my Miracle Sheets. It's hands down the best sheets I ever bought. They're very soft and don't smell at all after a few days. 100% recommend to anyone :)" - Thomas C.

"I just received these sheets, they are literally so soft and comfortable and true to description. The temperature regulation makes all the difference, especially as it’s getting closer to summer! I loved them so much that I actually just ordered another pair for my mom for Mother's Day!" - Una S.

"These are the best sheets I have ever owned they are so soft but also cooling at night. The pillowcases are very comfortable and do not cause my hair to frizz the way other pillowcases have. The sheets came very quickly. So happy with them" - Katy W.

"So stoked that my miracle sheets finally came!! They are super soft and keep me cool during the night, which is great because I’m a night sweater. Would definitely recommend" - Sophia M.

"Just received my new set of Miracle sheets and can’t wait to use them! This is my 3rd set, I love them! Love the different colors (just got the sand color, which is beautiful), the softness and the quality." - Dorothee M.

Luxury Hotels And Up-Scale Airbnb’s Have Already Switched

The secret is starting to get out about Miracle Made® Sheets. Some luxury hotels and Airbnbs are making the switch to silver-infused bedding. It helps prevent odors and keep rooms cleaner. Some Airbnbs have even reported more 5-star reviews from customers having a better night's sleep since switching to Miracle.

Our Final Thoughts!

The rest of the week that I stayed at my sister's over the Holidays was just pure perfection. Every night I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow, and every morning was just as refreshing as the last. I was completely hooked on these luxury silver-infused sheets. In fact, the rest of my family who stayed at my sister's house was also obsessed with these sheets!

Before I got home I even ordered some for each bedroom in my house, lol!

I actually noticed that my skin started to clear up by the last day(10), likely because the silver was helping sleep on less bacteria. I never woke up feeling so young and refreshed in my entire adult life.

Miracle Made® offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked whatsoever! I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to return them unless they bought the wrong size.

Update: I really can’t explain how much these sheets have changed my life. They look amazing, feel amazing, and have made sleep something that I look forward to again. It’s amazing to wake up feeling fresh and clean. I love getting into bed at night and settling into my cool, clean, and fresh sheets.

Due to the world's growing need for products that limit bacteria-growth, these sheets keep selling out.

highly recommend reserving some now before they go on backorder.

NOTE: You might never want to get out of bed anymore, so set an alarm when using Miracle Made® Sheets!

Last I checked they had an awesome sale going on, so make sure to check it out and see if it’s still available. I highly recommend taking advantage of the deal and getting sheets for each bed in your house, because trust me, you will come back and buy more!

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