Are These New “Cooling Sheets” The Temperature-Controlling Miracle Hot Sleepers Have Been Searching For? 

"How my mother-in-law’s menopause led to my best. sleep. ever!"

By Kim Fields | March 27th 2021

The “Tl; DR”

Silver-infused bedsheets regulate body temperature – all night long
Prevents 99.9% of bed-dwelling bacteria
30-night 100% satisfaction guarantee
Stays fresh & hygienic for 3x less laundry
Eradicates odor causing microbes
Promotes healthier, youthful looking skin

Now, before I get into that…let me start by saying that sleeping next to my husband is like curling up beside a sweaty furnace with the thermostat stuck at 90.

So needless to say, he sleeps hot. Which of course means I sleep hot.

And, until recently, I spent night after night tossing and turning, kicking my sheets off struggling to stay cool…

Only to wake up frozen after who knows how little sleep, pulling my sheets on again trying to warm back up.

Now my husband, he sleeps through anything – even the nightly pool of sweat that would gather beneath him, staining our sheets, leaving behind that sour, dank smell behind when he would get up in the morning.

Now, bless him – he would apologize every time, but honestly…

It got to the point where, especially in the summer months, I was changing our sheets almost every second night…

Which I’m sure you know exactly what that did to our water bill.

And at least twice a year I was having to throw our sheets away completely and replace them because of the staining from so much sweat…

Not to mention the wear, tear, and pilling from the constant washing and drying.

I thought I’d gone through every alternative under the sun – probably the same rigmarole you’ve been through too…

First, we tried bamboo sheets.

(Honestly, they were the first thing to pop up when we searched on Amazon)

And, surprise-surprise, we were super disappointed with our purchase – especially since they weren’t the cheapest sheets around.

We didn’t even last one night.

Half asleep, in the middle of the hottest night of the year, feeling clammy and drenched in sweat, we changed back to our old sheets.

Maybe it was just that brand, we thought. So, we decided to try a different set.

And boy, were they worse. They were basically see-through thin, and definitely not bamboo – lesser quality than Walmart sheets, but for more money. Not impressed.

I was honestly just about ready to give up for good...

And I’d probably still be suffering in sweaty limbo trying to find a set of sheets that didn’t leave us sleeping hot…

If it hadn’t been for what happened next…

Attention: suffocating bedsheets making you ‘sleep hot’, leaving your bed drenched in sweat?

This innovative company is setting out to disrupt and redefine the home linen industry with these new, groundbreaking, thermoregulating, bacteria-fighting bedsheets.

It was back in December, when my in-laws were visiting for the holidays. 

First thing in the morning, three days before Christmas, my mother-in-law comes down the stairs, into the kitchen, and plops a green and red, ribbon rapped present on the counter in front of me. 

“What’s this?” I asked, a little confused. 

“An early Christmas gift. I need it, and I’d be willing to bet you do too.”

I continued to stare at her, knowing she’d finish. 

“I just had the worst sleep I’ve had in months. Those sheets you’ve got – it was like trying to sleep between a couple of shower curtains.”

Now I won’t get too into the details – because she’d probably give me smack for it – but that’s when my mother-in-law shared with me her struggles with menopause, and exactly what it had done to her sleep…

And how a friend of hers had put her on to these new, breakthrough sheets (as she called them) that completely regulated her body temperature the whole night through…

Saving her from sickly night sweats, countless loads of laundry, and even helped her skin feel healthier and cleaner after a cool night’s rest.

So, after giving me the details, and one of her all-knowing looks, I put down my coffee, pulled on the ribbon, and unwrapped the gift…

And what I found inside changed my life forever.

They were these soft, luxuriously smooth, Silver-Infused bedsheets by Miracle Brand. 

To cut along story short, that night we put them on the bed, and…

“These Sheets Kept Me Cool – All. Night. Long.”

You know those rare mornings where you wake up and you feel completely refreshed, and you’re in the exact same position you were when you fell asleep?

That’s exactly what happened to me after my first night sleeping with these amazing new sheets!

See, because the fibers are infused with silver…

And because silver is such an amazing conductor of heat…

These bedsheets work to carry away excess heat – keeping your body at the perfect temperature all night long. 

And (almost) even better?

It turns out that the silver ions draw in bacteria like a magnet…

Making these sheets super anti-microbial, allowing them to destroy 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria from the inside out – before it has a chance to even reproduce…

And the best part?

They’re soft, breathable, keep us cool, and fit our mattress perfectly. 

See, normal sheets seem to trap heat, giving you night-sweats. These didn’t.

And with most normal sheets, you either get luxuriously soft OR breathable. These were both.

So, it didn’t take us more than a night’s sleep to realize how ultra-breathable these sheets were. 

Now, we love our bedsheets, and no longer fight to stay cool at night! 

Plus, they require no ironing and feel clean and crisp while being soft on our skin…

They are comfortable, not too warm, and really do last way longer between washes than our old sheets... 

And these new Miracle Brand Silver-Infused Sheets last the entire week between washes – and they don’t smell! 

Even my husband has noticed improvements in his skin and sleep quality!

Hands down the best sheets I’ve ever owned – and the only sheets I’ll ever buy for myself, my friends and my family ever again. 

They have absolutely changed our sleeping experience.

    Fight Bacteria Growth(1)(2)
    Temperature Regulating(3)
    Luxurious Supima Cotton
    Improves Skin Health(4)
    High Thread Count
    3x Less Laundry
    Prevents The Growth Of
    Odor-Generating Bacteria(5)
    Saves Money

    “So, Where Can You Get Miracle Brand Sheets Now?”

    If you’re like me, and you’re looking for a cooler and cleaner full night’s rest…

    …free from overheating, night sweats, or throwing your sheets off and back on again all night long…

    Then you’re in luck!

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