2022 Miracle Sheets Review: “Stays Cleaner Longer; Fights & Kills Off Bed Bacteria”

By Kim Fields | Last Updated: April 2022

The Bottom Line:

It took a bit of trial and error, and a dash of patience, but I finally cracked the code on my ‘smelly sheet’ problem (from odor causing bacteria) using these silver-infused sheets from Miracle Brand. The key here is the silver ions woven into the ultra-soft Supima cotton that work to attract and neutralize odor- and acne causing microbes living in your bed. For me, keeping my sheets clean and odor-free became much easier when I made the switch. If you’re serious about staving off ‘bad bed smell’ and not having to clean your sheets as often, you should definitely try them. 

Read on to see how Miracle Brand’s silver-infused sheets work. And shop our exclusive Miracle Brand offer – up to 46% off your first order (limited time only). 

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Prevents 99.9% of all bed bacteria
Destroys odor causing microbes
Cost effective with 3 x Less Laundry
Regulates Temperature all night long
Healthier, more youthful looking skin
Sheets stay fresh and hygienic
100% quality & satisfaction guarantee


High demand is draining inventory
Needs care when washing


Made with USA-grown Supima cotton with sateen weave for ultra-luxurious and smooth feel 

Multiple discount options available on a wide variety of silver-infused bed sheets. 

Premium 350-thread-count bed sheets infused with natural silver that prevents bacterial growth.

Sets include 2 pillowcases, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet. Twin set includes 1 pillow case, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet. 

Colors come in Stone, White, or Sky.5-Star reviews for Miracle Brand tally in the thousands.

30-Night Trial – 100% no-questions-asked refund w/ free returns available

Free USA shipping included with every order.

‘As Seen On’ The LA Times, The Huffington Post, Allure, Business Insider, and more.


This is the same high-quality fabric used by luxury brands, without the high price-tag, and with the added bonus of silver ions woven into the material


You’re paying a fraction of what you’d pay for expensive, luxury sheets, and still getting more bang for your buck


One small packaging mishap aside, I’ve had an incredible experience with Miracle and their customer service team


Miracle doesn’t have quite the hype or flourish of bigger luxury brands, but they’re rock-solid with a great product.


The company is solid and focus on delivering a quality experience – which is all you need when buying this type of product.

How Silver Kills Off Bacteria

Silver has a track record as an antibacterial agent. 

But, here’s the thing – how exactly it kills off bacteria and superbugs is not completely figured out…

However, there are some basics we know about the process and how it works.

First off, bacteria is attracted to the silver nanoparticles. The silver ions are positively charged on a molecular level, and attract the negatively-charged bacterial like a magnet so that it can work its science. 

Once the silver is near the bacteria, it attaches to the outside of the bacteria and affects the strands of DNA inside so that they are no longer functional. 

The live bacteria dies and can’t reproduce. So, the bacteria count is severely diminished. 

This is how silver works to derail bed bacteria, and why it can be used effectively in fabrics and textiles for antibacterial effects!

Attention Reader:

Get Up To 46% OFF Your First Set of Miracle Brand Sheets

Take advantage of this discount while supplies last.

Get Up To 46% OFF Try it today with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

How Miracle Sheets Keep Out Sweat Stains

Sweat in sheets can quickly lead to unsightly sweat stains that turn your clean white sheets into a dingy yellow disaster. 

It can also lead to the growth of bacteria that causes odors and skin reactions all over your body. 

Because Miracle Sheets are able to kill 99.9% of bacteria caused by the sweat produced by your body while you sleep, they help neutralize the bacteria in your sweat rather than allowing it to stay in the fabric and reproduce all over the place. 

Not only does protection from bacteria benefit your skin and help prevent acne, but it also benefits your nose since these sheets are also odor-free thanks to these same antibacterial properties – letting you say goodbye to sweaty and smelly sheets for good!

How Miracle Sheets ‘Thermoregulate’

Investing in high quality linen or cotton sheets can be a game changer.

Miracle Brand sheets are created with silver ions that actually have special cooling properties.

And because silver is such an amazing conductor of heat…

These bedsheets work to carry away excess heat – so when natural silver is woven into fabric, it allows the sheet to be thermoregulating, meaning you'll sleep at the perfect temperature all night long.

Breathable sheets also mean that your skin will be healthier, helping to prevent acne or breakouts.

And it’s no secret that getting a good sleep at night is just as important for our health as exercising and having a proper diet. And staying cool at night will help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

Fight Bacteria Growth(1)(2)
Temperature Regulating(3)
Luxurious Supima Cotton
Improves Skin Health(4)
High Thread Count
3x Less Laundry
Prevents The Growth Of
Odor-Generating Bacteria(5)
Saves Money

Where To Get Miracle Brand Sheets

If you’re like me, and you’re looking for a cooler and cleaner full night’s rest…

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Miracle Sheets Have Developed Somewhat Of A Passionate Fan Base –Here’s What So Many Happy Miracle Sheet Customers Are Saying…

“I am so happy I found Miracle brand sheets! They keep you cool all night and definitely have helped me with my acne. I'll never use another brand of sheets again!” - Lauren R.

“These are the best sheets I’ve ever owned! Light, crisp, and they feel fresh way beyond one week. Very pleased.
” - Mercedes G.

“These sheets have absolutely changed our sleeping experience. They are comfortable, not too warm, and really do last way longer between washes than our old sheets. My partner and I have both noticed improvements in our skin and sleep quality!
” - Sarah P.

“I absolutely LOVE my Miracle sheets! I purchased one set and after my first sleep on them, I ordered a second set!! It’s such a treat to sleep on such “rich feeling” wonderful sheets! I’ll be purchasing again for sure!” - Sharon P.

“They’re comfortable, convenient and reassuring. Convenient since I don’t have to change my sheets so often and it saves energy. Reassuring coz I know that I’m not laying on dirty sheets when I sleep which makes it more comfortable than it already is.” - Jenna L.

After so many endorsements, It’s easy to see why Miracle Sheets have become such a game-changer for hot sleepers Americawide.


Ever since Miracle Sheets hit social media just a few short months ago, an unbelievable amount of buzz has been circling this new solution to overheating and uncomfortable night sweats. Because of its popularity and consistent 5-Star Reviews, Miracle is super confident in their product – which means they are offering a 100% no questions asked, money-back guarantee, and for a limited time, extending a one-time discount of up to 46% OFF! PLUS, they’re also throwing in FREE SHIPPING with every order.
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Try Miracle Brand Sheets for 30 nights. Donʼt like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions.

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