6 Reasons Why Americans Are Ditching Their Traditional Sheets

Combining comfort and durability with breathability, softness.


Your Sheets Are Damaging Your Skin

Do you know what’s living in your sheets with you? Trust us, It’s not a pretty sight! You might be surprised to learn that your bed could be harbouring more bacteria than a toilet seat. So, each night after washing your face and brushing your teeth, you could be tucking yourself up in a world of bacteria. This bacteria can cause your skin's immune system to become overwhelmed with acne and other problems. Traditional sheets, if not washed regularly, can also clog your pores, leading to even more breakouts and skin problems. Miracle Sheets use a high quality natural silver infused fiber that fights bacteria that is harmful to your skin. Silver infused sheets not only help improve your skin's wellness but it also gives your skin a nice glowing complexion.


3x Less Laundry And Big Savings

According to research by Amerisleep, after just one week of use, bedsheets had more bacteria than a bathroom doorknob. After just two weeks that number multiplied to have more bacteria than a pet toy. Let's face it… No one has time to wash their sheets regularly! Each wash is not only a huge hassle, but it’s expensive and those costs add up quickly. Miracle Sheets prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth due to its unique natural silver infused fiber technology. This helps you eliminate the need to wash your sheets as much as traditional sheets, saving you time and money on laundry supplies, water, and electricity. This is the easiest way to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year!


Temperature Regulating Comfort

Night sweats are the absolute worst! Especially if you are waking up next to a significant other, it can be really embarrassing. Waking up feeling like you just wet the bed makes everything such a hassle. Your sleep was ruined, and now you have to wash your sheets again. Miracle sheets natural silver is thermoregulating, meaning you sleep at the perfect temperature all night long. All year round you can enjoy the perfect cooling temperature that keeps you in a deep dreamy sleep all night long.


Odor Fighting

You spend about ⅓ of your life on your sheets, and that can attract some gross odors. Humans shed around 15 million skin cells each night, these provide the perfect setting for bacteria to multiply and trap odors. The natural silver infused fibers in Miracle Sheets help prevent odor causing bacteria. Finally, you can start your days off smelling fresh and clean. Wake up knowing that you slept on the cleanest sheets ever invented.


Luxury Comfort Without The Price Tag

It’s no secret now that Miracle sheets are becoming a staple for high-end Airbnbs and Hotels after getting a lot of attention all over the internet. Miracle sheets use a premium 500-thread count sateen weave that’s made with USA-grown Supima cotton, which is one of the highest quality cottons in the world. Many traditional luxury sheets are still sourced from China and come with a hefty price tag. These traditional luxury sheets are also not antimicrobial, skin beneficial, or temperature regulating - yet they charge a premium for them. It’s now easier than ever to stop wasting money on overhyped and overpriced sheets when Miracle Brand is a fraction of the price with more benefits!


Try it 100% Risk Free!

Most luxury sheets don’t allow returns if you aren’t 100% satisfied because the sheets have been used. At Miracle Brand, we know that our sheets are the worlds most clean, hassle free, and comfortable sheets ever made -- so if you aren’t over the top thrilled with your purchase we will refund all of your money, no questions asked! We are extremely easy to reach through phone, email, or FB messenger.

People Are Raving About These Towels...

"These towels are comfortable and durable. They absorb well as stated, and still do a good job of preventing bacteria/odors. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase." - Tracey T. Austin, TX

"I bought this for my husband as an anniversary gift because he hates how smelly towels get. He’s IN LOVE with this towel!" - Morgan D. Wyoming, MN

"I got these for my son who tends to leave his towels in a ball on the floor. He loves them! Great color(grey), very soft and absorbent. We will buy more." - Chris S. San Jose, CA

"These towels feel so nice and clean after the shower. Havent had them smell musty at all and they dry between my showers pretty fast" - Fai L. Los Angeles, CA

"These are great towels, very absorbing and the ones that actually leave you dry!!! I love them! And they dry up pretty quickly too. Great quality" - Eugenia S. Philadelphia, PA

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